zoomed in photo of a woman's hand holding a traditional African tool

Welcome to
Mission Kilimanjaro


About us

Mission Kilimanjaro exists to serve the Maasai people in the village of Esoitnarok, Tanzania.

We believe that through engaging the people through physical nourishment, education, and worship and biblical truths communicated in a practical and inspiring way. Are hope for the people of Esoitnarok is, as Loren Cunningham puts it, "to know Christ and make him known".


Sustainable Water

Water plays such a pivotal role in the health and wealth of a community. We have a desire to establish a  water well (bore hole) in the community. In addition to drinking water, we want the people to be able to grow and sell their own crop. Establishing a working farm will open the door to for a better life and more opportunities.


Holistic Education

We are dedicated to providing a holistic K-12 education to this underserved community. We believe that every child has the right to high-quality holistic education and the chance to reach their full potential. We currently have a pre-k and kindergarten  with a desire to  establish a full K-12 curriculum and continued support and improvement of their agricultural techniques.


Spiritual Growth

Jesus commands us to take the gospel to the nations. We want the Maasai people to know Christ and the good news of the Bible. We believe that this understanding has the power to transform lives, offer guidance and direction in times of need, and to impact generations of families for eternity. Our goal is to grow their faith and develop a strong foundation in the teachings of Christ.


We want to see this community thrive and be imitators of Christ. In order to do that, we need your help. We ask that you consider being a part of the way God is moving in three ways.

1. Pray that the will of God would be established in Esoitnarok. Send us an email so we can add you to our prayer group which will have more specific ways for you to pray.

2. The giving of your talents is a powerful way to make a difference. Know how to establish a water well? Are you an expert in construction? Let us know! We'd love to start a conversation on the ways you can be involved. 

3. Your financial donation will have a lasting impact on the people of Esoitnarok.