About us

The seed of this ministry began in 2012 when Bonface and Margaret began traveling to Tanzania. Thanks to the support of others, they were able to raise around $2,500.00 to fund a 2-3 week trip. With the help of a local pastor, they would educate the local community about God's teachings and encourage them to reject  worldly practices. Two major concerns were that of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early child marriages. Girls as young as eight years old are being married off to older men. FGM and childbearing would begin as early as twelve years old. These two issues resonated with Margaret, leading her to a calling to be more involved in the lives of the women and men in this community. She aims to teach them the value of women and the love of God.

In 2016, through a series of events, Boniface and Margaret, through the Lord’s sovereignty, were lead to the village of Esoitnaroke, Tanzania, which means Black Rock. The moment they knew God was calling them to this village occurred during an event Boniface and Margaret put on that was a movie about Jesus. The movie provoked a lot of discussion afterwards. There occurred a moment when one of the men of the village asked Boniface a question that confirmed this calling. The question was, “A few have come through here in the past. They take photos, show ‘interest’ and never return. Are you coming back again or will you do the same?” That question decided their future. Bonface and Margaret along with their three children, Kimberly, Kevin, and Kendrich moved across Kenya to Namanga, Kenya. This puts in closer proximity but still a drive. It would take them 15 hours to get there. With $495 a month in their pockets, they went were the Lord was calling them. 

Fast forward, our purpose in being Esoitnaroke is plain to us and given by God. To “let the message of Christ dwell richly among us.” The people of Esoitnaroke have never heard the gospel message. We believe this message can transform, and is transforming the Maasai people away from their former traditions. We hope that the young girls and women see and value themselves and find joy in Christ alone. When they come to know this then they will know the salvation and saving work of our loving God.

Through the growing support, Boniface and Margaret have been able to serve full time in the village. They spend several days a week teaching the Bible and have been able to start a school called Lighthouse Academy for Young Children, a food program for the kids that attend, and the ability to get clean water from a source about an hour away. 
It is our hope to continue serving this village by digging a water well, developing the school to be a full 12 year program,  and with he water begin farming.  This is a long term 12-year plan in hopes that they will soon become sustainable and grow to help others villages in Maasai land. It takes people like you to reach these goals.  Prayer and finances are vital to continuing the ministry of Mission Kilimanjaro. 

Our vision

Our vision, through education and mentoring, is to help develop thriving communities and create an environment of safe, structured school programs and a means to learn and apply biblical teachings.

Our mission

Our ministry is driven to provide education through school teachings, evangelism and mentorship to create a pathway to higher learning and sharing the Good News of the gospel.

Meet the Missionaries

picture of Kenyan family

Meet Bonface Njoroge and his family.
They are native Kenyans who are being the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground in Esoitnarok. Bonface, born in Naivasha but a raised in Kijabe, is a born again Christian and is passionate about the unreached is married to Margaret Kuria and together, have three children. Their names are Kimberly, Kevin, & Kendrick. Margaret, raised by her grandma, loves serving the Lord and has previously dedicated her life in a children’s home where she volunteered serving orphans alongside her husband. Kimberly is the eldest, loves to sing and has a big heart for children. She hopes to become a pediatrician. Kevin is the middle child, is outgoing and has never met a stranger. He wants to become a counselor to help people find breakthrough in their life. Kendrick is the youngest. His favorite color is blue and he wants to become a pastor just like his father.

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